Customer Testimonials

  • I really liked the colours and composition of the pieces of art on display. The way it was set up, there were multiple entry points (and exits), implying that there was no particular order in which to view the work. it was up to the viewer to make his or her way around it in a manner that they saw best fit.

    The paintings and clothing were vibrant, and you could tell the artist put a lot of creativity and imagination into her work.    

    Carl Hertfordshire

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the VIP exhibition preview evening, I felt it was incredible seeing all the pieces created by Shirley and not just that, but having the opportunity to speak with her and to get a greater understanding of the thinking behind some of her work was a highlight of the evening!

    Leo Hertfordshire

  • I wanted to extend my deepest appreciation for the invitation to attend the truly inspiring Trauma Art Passion & Fashion exhibition last Friday evening. The range, quality, and sheer volume of work on display left me thoroughly impressed.

    The profound themes woven into your artwork struck a chord deep within me and my wife, highlighting a remarkable depth of creativity and emotional resonance. Being a part of the exhibition and fashion show was an absolute pleasure and a privilege, emphasising the incredible beauty that emerges when individuals with lived experiences are granted the opportunity to showcase their creativity.

    I am particularly grateful to Poppy for the exceptionally warm welcome extended to my wife and me during the evening. The sense of being well cared for and valued throughout the event left a lasting impression and added an extra layer of warmth to the overall experience.

    Leslie Billy Chief Exectutuive Viewpoint

  • I have worked with Shirley since 2001. Our first introduction was when she took part in a training and employment scheme...I have no hesitation in recommending her as an artist and creative professional, as her passion and drive make an ideal partner.


    Hill Partnerships LTD

  • I bought 'Millennium' from Shirley simply on the basis that I fell in love with it!Having seen the picture in the gallery I just fell for it, however it was a lot of money... I went away and could not stop thinking about the picture. After a couple of weeks I made the decision to return to the gallery and if the picture was still there then it was meant to be mine! Needless to say it was still there and as they say the rest is history. I bought the picture about six years ago and still find myself gazing at it fondly, it's fair to say I still get a lot of enjoyment out of my painting.


    Mandy McLean Managing Partner ISMdirect Ltd

  • Very many thanks for Eric - both the sculpture and the card are really great! What a talented trainee you had, and well done for promoting her talents in this way. I feel very honoured to be included. Best wishes.


    Judith Harrison Project Director, The Housing Forum Constructing Excellence

  • Many thanks for the Christmas Gift. A nice piece - much appreciated. We'll keep Shirley Kaci's name on file!

    Merry Christmas to you.


    John Miles Corporate Services Board