Black Gold & Green Abstract Cap


Our Baseball Caps have a curved peak with an adjustable velcro closure. There are 6 sections and 7 printable areas to be designed. Some of our caps have the same pattern throughout whereas others will have individually designed sections.We love fashion coordinates they really do turn heads, so we carefully consider mixing and matching caps with our sarongs to give you eye catching beach and day ware. For those who like to wear casual smart clothes, our caps look great with tracksuit bottoms, or with one of our satin, rainproof, and soft-shell bomber jackets.

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    Hat Sizes

    You want your hat to be a good fit to receive that perfect fit. Use a soft tape measure or a piece of string (which can be measured afterwards). Place the measuring tape or string just above your ear, and across your forehead, wrapping round to the back of your head. Don't pull too tightly, leave the tape a little loose. If you find your size in the middle of our sizing brackets, go a size up.